A few days before my visit I talked to Marco, the manager at Villa Vistarenni, about destination weddings in Tuscany. He was excited for our meeting but also pretty clear about one thing: “put in your navigator Radda in Chianti, even though we are in Gaiole del Chianti, otherwise it’ll take you trough a winding mountain road instead of the easy way on the interstate.” I thanked him for the suggestion and said: “sure thing!”

Did I do it? Well, let’s just say it’s always better to have a morning coffee before entering your directions into Waze. So, I ended up on the winding road. But of course, being that I was in Tuscany, I did not regret my mistake. What a drive! Even in December, on a cold and misty day, it was a spectacle. You pass one pretty village after the other, what may as well be an enchanted forest, and countless vineyard covered hills. Eventually you get to a ridge where the view goes on for miles but right in front of you sits Villa Vistarenni. 

Once I arrived Marco gave me the tour and a little history lesson on the place. As it turns out this villa was owned by the Strozzi family, one of the richest families in Florence (most likely second only to the Medici family). It was built and decorated in classic 1800s style. Paired with with the modern furniture which has been used throughout the place, this creates a stunning combination. The main building sits on more than 700 thousand acres of land and vineyards. One can host just shy of 40 people in the two-story main building and the rooms are one of a kind. You could listen to music or have an apperitivo in one of the multiple living rooms, or you could catch up on some reading in the archive room. The historic cantinas are as tall as a church and would be perfect for a large indoor dinner party.  

If you are considering a destination wedding in Tuscany you probably have, or will need, a wedding planner to help you with all the logistics. There are many talented professionals in this area who can match any style or atmosphere you want to create for your reception, but who can also guide you trough a series of activities and tours which you and your family may want to experience. At Villa Vistarenni you can taste local wines, charcuterie and cheeses, take a cooking class, go on tours of the Chianti area or even a take hot air balloon ride over the beautiful scenery.

Visit their website and give them a call. Tell ‘em I sent you. You’ll be in good hands!

Villa Vistarenni website