This is a video showing a book I created with images shot at the photo booth.

So, let’s talk about our Photo Booth (or photobooth, anyway, you know what I am talking about).

First of all it is not a booth, or a box. We set up instead a portrait studio area with flash lights, a pro camera and a backdrop, usually a solid color. So you can have as many people as you want in front of the camera.

Second, you are not taking a selfie or using a “big red button” and staring at a monitor for the countdown. WE WILL TAKE YOUR PICTURES. Real people, I mean an actual photographer, picture that! We will engage with your guests, get them in front of the camera and create a dynamic flow of poses and capture the perfect moment when it happens.

Third. It is all about the LIGHT. We know that. That’s why our set up will give you sexy, wrapping light and the look of a fashion shoot, not the one of a snapshot.

Fourth. It is a lot of fun. We make sure to position our photobooth (again, it is not a photobooth really, I just use the term for simplicity) right where everybody can see it and enjoy watching people being silly in front of the camera. So not only you get great images of your guests but you also provide a moment of pure fun and entertainment.

Fifth. What if we can save you some money? If we are your wedding photographers our photo booth, inclusive of everything, is at a fraction of the cost. How about that!