So here is another story. When I first met my wife I was completely caught off guard by her persona. There was something about her I adored but I couldn’t quite put my hands around. So I decided to take pictures of her but the old school way and broke out my Pentax 67. For anybody that is not into vintage film cameras it will suffice to know that it is a gigantic brass sculpture weighting a stout 4 pounds and emitting an unsettling guillotine sound every time you press the shutter button. I am absolutely convinced that taking somebody’s portrait is a gateway to discover something about them. Kinda like not using the main entrance to a house, but the tucked away door, partially covered with ivy that you almost missed.

The idea of using a cumbersome and clunky film camera instead of a modern digital DSLR was to slow down the process and let me take my time finding the right frame, but also to make me look a lot cooler (wink). Right after, I sent the film to the lab and got back some 4×5 prints, besides of course digital scans of the film. I found some little frames that would fit those prints and I hung them in our house.

Today, years later, I have hundreds of images of my wife on my iPhone or computer, but I still have those prints on the wall at our house. It is undoubtful that paper photographs have a deeper connection to our brain and souls and in these days of digital media a print also carries an extra value of uniqueness and relevance. It cuts off the noise from the overload of images we are exposed to. Helps us to identify and remind what is important in our lives.

Here are some of the most common printed products I have been making for my clients.

Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall

Virtual mockup of a client’s gallery wall

There are one million pictures of Gallery-Wall-Ideas on Pinterest. That should tell you how much people have rediscovered this lovely practice. It is a creative process that is part interior design and part storytelling. In this case your family’s story. It has also been a specialty of mine for many years.
The process starts with a visit to your house (could be before or after your portrait session). We look at the space you have available for your project. No wall is too big or too small for a gallery wall. So I take a picture of the room or wall and then I put together a virtual mock up of how your framed images would look like. Like the one you see above ^^^. We can move things around, ad or remove images and change their size. When we find the perfect combination I get your photographs printed and framed and ready to hang. And if you are not the handy person, no worries. I have been seen before climbing ladders and hanging prints.

Photography Albums

Wedding Albums

Albums are, to me, the most timeless way to display, preserve and share your most meaningful photographs. All my wedding clients have one made by me. Like everything else, when it is time to make a decision, I want to make the process easy, quick and enjoyable. I can make sure that one of these babies lands on your desk in less than 3 new moons from your wedding night.

BTW, check out the PHOTOBOOTH page for your wedding reception and ask us about what printed options we offer for this.