One hot Tulsa summer, my cousin and sister, with her family, decided to come check out what I was doing in the USA. So they jumped on a plane from Italy and flew all the way to T-town. When I went to pick them up at the airport it was one of those 100 degree evenings when, even after the sun is set, no cool air blows in to restore a bit of sanity. They showed up in sweaters and scarves. Right there I knew I was in for a treat.

Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun, cooking and testing american food. Of course there was a lot of sightseeing. One of our first stops, after what I can only politely translate as “the most disappointing coffee break”, was to visit the Philbrook museum. After a gallery tour and a stroll down the park we ended up at the gift shop looking for souvenirs. My sister got a book on art Deco and some pretty neat cards. They had hand painted artwork depicting Tulsa landmarks. And then is when we came up with the idea of going and visiting them all and taking a picture in front of each one of them.

You know when your family took that trip to the Grand Canyon. And I am talking way back then, before everybody had a camera that could also make phone calls. So they would all stand in formation by the rim and have somebody take a picture of them all. Just one. No artistic merit or Instagram glory was expected from that photograph. Just a printed reminder: “WE WERE THERE!”

So we did just that. We took our cameras that can also make phone calls and happen to have a GPS with a city map and drove to as many locations we could. They stood there, under the mighty Oklahoma sun and let me take their pictures. Here are 10 of Tulsa’s most recognizable spots along with my sister Roberta, her two sons Gianluca and Edoardo and my cousin Valeria.


Philbrook Museum Tulsa

Tulsa Golden Driller

Circle Cinema Tulsa