Take three pretty little girls, super patient and energetic parents, a couple ATVs and put them all in the beautiful landscape of the Osage hills, just 5 minutes outside of Tulsa and this is what you get. Who cares if it is almost 100 degree! The main thing is having fun; and we did. This session was a blast! Riding around between milk weed patches, playing picaboo in the tall grass, climbing old fences, zig zaging ponds and old trees to find the perfect spots for some family pictures. Reminded me of summer vacations at grandpa’s farm back in Italy, playing outside till sunset and finding a new adventure around every corner. I would find dirt and grass in my pockets before crashing in bed, exhausted, ready to do it all over again the next day. You can tell these girls where doing just the same.

Christina, the mom, was the lucky winner of our photography giveaway we had earlier this spring. She wanted to have portraits taken at the family farm so we loaded all our camera gear and followed them around. Trying to make sure we would fix on some frames how great it is to be a kid in a beautiful place like this. I think we accomplished our photographic goal. Make sure to click on the link below to see some of our favorites from this lovely Osage Hills family photography session.